Daekyo announced on the 13th that it will recruit startups to participate in the “Dream Venture Star with Daekyo” open innovation program for future educational innovation with Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center.

The “Dream Venture Star” support project is an open innovation program that discovers startups with various ideas and technologies and links joint commercialization between startups and large companies.

The 8th Dream Venture Star Support Project, in which Daekyo participated, aims to expand the ecosystem of shared growth and win-win cooperation with innovative startups that make future education valuable and rich.

Subject to the support are prospective start-ups with ideas or technologies that can create synergy with bridges such as EduTech and automation services, and startups within seven years.

There are a total of three areas of recruitment: education, automation, and autonomous proposals for technology and services. Specifically, there are digital learning ability evaluation solutions using △V4 (Visual, Voice, Verb, Vital) technologies △ technologies that can measure, track, and analyze learners’ behavior patterns △ technologies that can monitor, predict, and respond to digital learning disorders △ smart device-related logistics systems (WMS).

The final selected startups will be provided with 10 million won per company for commercialization demonstration (PoC) funding, business collaboration meetings, IR data production, and AWS credit.

It also plans to provide various support and benefits, including the link between the follow-up commercialization and investment of the bridge and the link between the follow-up start-up support program and childcare space of the Daejeon Innovation Center.

The recruitment period for this open innovation program is until the 23rd. You can check the application method by referring to the poster and the website of the Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center.

“The joint operation of an open innovation program with the Daejeon Creative Economy Innovation Center has expanded the infrastructure to discover and support promising technology startups,” a Daekyo official said. “We will actively promote joint commercialization cooperation with startups as well as advancement in the EduTech sector.”

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