The 2022 KAIST Space Technology Forum was designed to explore the current direction of space development in Korea ahead of the space era. In fact, KAIST has led the project of Korea’s first satellite ‘Our Star Satellite’. The forum will introduce KAIST Space Research Institute, a school-affiliated research institute that combines KAIST’s space research capabilities accumulated so far.

In addition to KAIST’s strength, ‘Small Satellite R&D’, the Korea Space Research Institute will conduct future space mission concept research for leading the space field, space bio and material convergence research, and essential core technology research. Above all, it is a study on the concept of future space missions, which is a key study conducted in the early stages of the entire space program, and determines the success or failure of the mission.

KAIST Space Research Institute is expected to serve as a think tank for deriving major mission concepts from an objective perspective in this study.

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