SkyChips is developing wireless charging technology that supports short and long distances at the same time. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) technology, there is a way to identify electronic products by yourself and transmit power.

SkyChips is developing a system that allows AI to transmit power at radio frequencies to electronic products located at close or long distances regardless of whether they come into contact with products. This year, it has secured key assets (IP) for AI-based wireless charging semiconductor design and is working with foundry to manufacture products. After performance verification, it plans to start mass production in earnest from next year.

Close semiconductors to develop wireless power transmission technology
: It refers to a company that does not directly produce semiconductors but only designs and technology development.
Although there are many fabless products, Sky Chips is the first to combine neuromorphic AI technology. Since its launch as a startup at Sungkyunkwan University’s Integrated Circuit Research Institute in 2019, Sky Chips has developed a plan to maximize wireless power transmission efficiency by utilizing AI technology. After developing a short-range wireless power transmission and reception chip using 5.2GHz band, it expanded its product area to long distances. Sky Chips’ strategy is to maximize synergy by converging AI technology with advanced technology competitiveness in analog circuits and power semiconductors.

Sky Chips was also commissioned by leading domestic companies to develop integrated circuits (ICs) used for asset and logistics management. It will start mass supply early next year to meet the demand of its customers. The company also succeeded in attracting Series A investment in recognition of its wireless charging and related technologies in the first half of the year. It also signed a contract with Samsung Securities, a listed company, with the aim of being listed in 2024.

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