NFT can no longer be traded in the iOS application of the Coinbase wallet. This is because Apple came up with a new NFT policy in October, making it stricter on NFT.

Coinbase Wallet said on Twitter on the 2nd (local time) that “NFT cannot be transmitted from Coinbase Wallet iOS anymore,” adding, “This is because Apple has blocked the app release itself.”

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Coinbase claimed that Apple pays the gas Pee required for NFT transmission through the Apple App Store and requires a 30% fee.

Coinbase said, “If you understand NFT and blockchain technology, you can’t do this,” adding, “Apple’s exclusive in-app payment system does not support cryptocurrency, so we tried a lot, but we couldn’t find a way.”

Cryptocurrency traders have to pay for gas when they move cryptocurrency to another wallet, even for simple transactions. Gas costs paid by users are essential for operating cryptocurrency networks, so no one can control them recklessly.

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