Perugia Corporation, a blockchain technology developer, announced on the 21st that it has signed a business agreement to enter the global P2E market through Perugia Corporation’s game market platform Aurora Hunt after receiving various game contents from small and medium-sized developer Breadhammer.

Perugia Corporation is developing a photon space chain based on its deep know-how in distributed computing, and has blockchain technology that can be applied to various industries such as solutions for logistics, including finance and manufacturing.

In addition, it is carrying out various IT industries such as metaverse, big data, artificial intelligence, and new media along with game-related businesses such as HTML5 games, mobile games, and game global publishing.

Breadhammer is a small and medium-sized game developer in Korea that serves mobile games using IP (knowledge property) such as “Strikeers 1945M,” “Strikeers 1945 Saga,” “Gunbird Saga,” “Tengai M,” and “Tengai Saga,” and continues to develop and release mobile games.

“Although there was a need to enter the P2E market, we will challenge the global P2E market in cooperation with Perugia Corporation in a situation where blockchain technology is not easily accessible.”He said.

An official from Perugia Corporation said, “We will receive mobile games using various IPs through Bread머, which successfully serves global IPs in Korea, and provide various games to global game platform Aurora Hunt.”

Aurora Hunt is a global game market platform being developed by Perugia Corporation and is looking for game development partners to launch various games such as PC, HTML5, mobile, and P2E.

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