Friday’s Lab, which operates the business analysis tool “Dash” for customer survival, has attracted $1.16 million (about 1.6 billion won) worth of Pre-Series A investment from Primer’s Partners and Balon Capital.

Dash, developed by Friday’s Lab, is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based business analysis tool that allows anyone to manage customer journeys and remnants without data analysis personnel or development resources. If only the purchase data file is uploaded,

AI identifies customer characteristics, calculates valid indicators for target selection, and predicts and combines demand to induce repurchase. It is a marketing term-based SaaS that is commonly used abroad and can be used around the world without language barriers.

Investors saw Dash as a universal service that accurately targets the remaining market in a business environment where designing customer experiences and keeping them long have become important.

It is expected that it will quickly stand out in the global market as it has verified its effectiveness by securing leading domestic conglomerates as customers. With this investment attraction, Friday’s Lab plans to upgrade its service performance and target overseas markets in earnest.

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