Coribing PropTech platform Gosu Plus has attracted free A investment from Gong Myung Partners and IPO Bridge. The amount is private.

Gosu Plus, which opened its official service in July, is a company that operates I Love Gosiwon, one of the large Gosiwon communities, and has been attracting attention as it has secured community members with 87,000 Gosiwon customers even before the official service was launched. In recognition of the innovation of the project, Gosu Plus received a commendation from the National Assembly’s Science, ICT, Broadcasting and Communication Committee, a commendation from the National Assembly’s Agriculture, Food, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Committee, and a commendation from the Seoul Small and Medium Venture Business Administration.

Gosu Plus has a one-stop solution to 10 complicated processes from searching for Gosiwon to entering the room, and uses XR real content-linked digital twin technology to completely visualize the inside of Gosiwon, allowing users to check water pressure, storage space, and furniture size without restrictions.

With this investment, Gosu Plus will increase its share of Gosiwon nationwide to 25% to maintain its dominance in the market, while securing competitiveness in the unmanned Gosiwon operation solution business that provides a pleasant and safe space by establishing a strategic partnership with IoT device companies.

Park Young-eun, CEO of Gosu Plus, said, “This investment attraction is seen as a result of the effectiveness of independent life and accumulated customer reputation that has not yet been digital transformation, and in particular, it is showing steep growth in various customer indicators during the short service launch period of about two months. “We will continue to make efforts to become a global unicorn company that creates a world where people can live anywhere without worrying about housing as a representative Gosiwon platform company.”

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