Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) signed a “Vegas” on-boarding contract with Lightcon (CEO Lee Gil-hyung), a blockchain game developer.

Vegas is a P&E (Play and Earn) game in the social casino genre. Users can enjoy two games: Texas hold’em and Baccarat. It plans to provide services through Wemade’s blockchain game platform ‘WEMIX PLAY’ within this year.

“WeMade will build a more open blockchain ecosystem through Mainnet WeMix 3.0, especially by onboard all genres of games, including social casinos, to implement an intergame economy in which inter-game coins and NFTs are exchanged and used,” said Jang Hyun-guk, CEO of WeMade.

The developer Lightcon is a subsidiary of We Made Max. It is developing and servicing Rise of Stars (ROS), the first blockchain strategy simulation game on the WeMix Play platform. It is also preparing a new blockchain game project SA (tentative name) that combines collective RPG and trading card game (TCG) genres.

WeMade will present a total of 100 games at WeMix Play this year.

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