Daesung Startup Investment Co., Ltd., affiliated with Daesung Group, announced on the 30th that it held a general meeting to form the nation’s largest metaverse fund “Daeseong Metabus Scale-Up Investment Association” on the 29th to expand startup investment in the metaverse sector.

This investment association is the largest sole operating fund since the establishment of Daesung Chang-tu. Of the total 110 billion won, the Korea Fund invested 60 billion won, while small and medium-sized Industrial Bank of Korea, Shinhan Capital Co., Daesung Holdings Co., Ltd., Daesung Energy Co., and Daesung Clean Energy Co., Ltd. participated as LP (liquidity suppliers). Huh Yoon-seok, director of Daesung Chang-tu, will be the representative fund manager.

Through this investment association, Daesung Chang-tu plans to focus on venture companies in the metaverse sector that utilize technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), XR (Expanded Reality), blockchain, and digital twin in the future. It will also actively support the growth of major metaverse companies that will lead the global market from early companies in the metaverse sector to companies in the scale-up stage by investing in M&A (acquisition and merger) promoted by venture companies in this field.

Daesung Chang-tu was selected as the Korea Fund Metabus Investment Association (GP) and was able to attract investment from banks, capital, and group affiliates because it was highly praised for its rich investment experience in metaverse-related fields, excellent performance, and excellent management manpower.

Daesung Chang-tu has achieved results by investing in unicorn companies such as “Crafton,” “Shiftup,” “Dunamu,” and “Liddy,” along with “Luid” in the AI field that attracted investment from Vision Fund and “Inosimulation,” which is about to be released.

Daesung Group Chairman Kim Young-hoon said, “Metabus will be a game changer that will lead the future of our industry and the global economy rather than a new industry,” adding, “Through this fund, Daesung Group will preoccupy the strategic position to lead the growth of the metaverse industry.”

With the formation of the fund, Daesung Chang-tu will operate a total of 16 companies, including the KDB Daesung-HGI Green Impact Investment Association and the Daesung Blossom Job Investment Association. The total operating asset (AUM) is 407.6 billion won.

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