Alt Labs Co., Ltd. announced that it will challenge the electric vehicle charging market by establishing a “reward compensation platform” service that anyone can use to charge electric vehicles at home and in companies.

A plan to activate V2G (Vehicle-to-grid) electric vehicle charging technology using Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is expected to lead the next-generation charging market. This is Alt Labs’ flagship technology, and it is showing a steep rise, starting with the electric vehicle market, with carbon neutrality, fine dust, and greenhouse gas reduction policies centered on major developed countries.

Based on technologies and hardware accumulated with standby power cutoff technology and low power LED control technology, Altlabs said it started pivoting as a next-generation electric vehicle charging platform service startup and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with “Startoops” under Attraction.

The Future Growth Research Institute (Startoops) is a consulting group that pivots various items and supports start-ups of various companies, led by future strategic projects, and consults on Alt Labs’ growth support as a group specializing in attracting external investment.

Early start-ups are vulnerable to rapidly changing market environments, have a lot of difficulties in establishing commercialization strategies for items, and are being driven to early closure. In order to reorganize strategic items and attract external funds, it is necessary to recruit excellent talent, but it is impossible for early start-ups.

Choi Pil-soo, an advisor to the Institute for Future Growth (Startoops), is the only pivoting consultant in Korea that can turn these early start-ups’ difficulties and corporate problems that cannot be solved by manpower problems into turning points. It is operating a platform that provides customized business plans and IR materials to attract funds by revitalizing small and medium-sized companies that are preparing new businesses or trying to pivot in existing industries due to rapidly changing market conditions.

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