Under the theme of “Prove Metabus,” the conference will bring together key industry companies and global speakers to discuss the development and use of Metabus and NFT technologies.

October 5, the first day of the conference, will begin with a “Web 3.0 and Metabus, Introduction to the Real World” session by IBM’s Shayam Nagarajan Web 3.0 and Sustainable Strategy Management Partners, who have filed a patent for a blockchain-based web browser.

In the following morning session, Richard Keris, vice president of omnibus development platform at NVIDIA, Yoon Joo-myung, Korea General Pro at Samsung Electronics, and Leslie Shenan, head of Nokia Ecosystem and Trend Scouting, will deliver insights based on metaverse used by each company.

The morning announcement will be wrapped up with a session titled “The World of Metabus at a Glance: Metabus Story Told by GREE,” by Eiji Araki, senior vice president of GREE, Japan’s largest mobile game company that recently entered the Metabus business.

In the afternoon, Kakao Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and CJ E&M will participate in the “Metaent: Paint the Virtual Reality, Entertainment World” session, and “Virtual Human, Open a 600 trillion market” session delivered by Oh Je-wook, the producer of Virtual influencer Louis.

Cho Ik-hwan, head of SK Telecom’s Metabus development division, is also scheduled to announce ifland, which has been receiving steady attention since its appearance as a communication-type metaverse platform.

There will also be a “human hologram in virtual and augmented reality” session by CMO Feder Burezen Holocap and a panel discussion “Metanomics: Creator’s New Era” session where various creators gather and talk about Metanomics, which means metaverse as an advanced economic tool, rather than just a game platform.

The first day ends with a session titled “Coordination of Banks and Metabuses: The Future of the Financial Era,” in which major domestic banks participate and unravel the outlook for Metabus, which is being used in the financial sector.

On October 6, the next day, Chris Chang, co-CEO of GTX, also called GeppettoX, will open the session on the second day under the theme of “Creator Economy in Metabus.”

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