Animal hospital messenger “Bet Flux.”

Betflux, which operates “Nulpet Plus,” a chatbot messenger-based animal hospital customer management and attraction platform, has attracted seed investment from SparkLab.

Neul Pet Plus is an animal hospital work automation solution created by an incumbent veterinarian. It was developed with the aim of drastically reducing the time and manpower wasted on administration by automating the entire process of managing medical appointments and medical records, managing next appointments, and guiding how to treat and manage at home after treatment using chatbots.

SparkLab believes that Betflux’s solution improves the efficiency of veterinarians and employees while the pet medical market reaches 1.7 trillion won. In fact, Betflux’s Nulpet Plus reduces the burden on veterinarians by providing various convenience functions based on the database of chatbots’ counseling and medical records. Betflux plans to upgrade its services such as marketing, detailed interviews, and recommendation of supplies after treatment by attracting this investment.

Development of Metabus Platform ‘Anypen’

Anypen, which develops metaverse platforms and infrastructure technologies, has attracted 17 billion won worth of Series B investment from Ermus Investment, Medici Investment, Korea Development Bank, Daeshin Securities, ATU Partners, and Neo Value.

Anypen has drawn attention as a cultural asset metaverse that combines augmented reality and eXtended positioning system (XPS) technology and metaverse, commerce and communication-based metaverse that can respond to multiple intellectual property (IP).

With this investment attraction, Anypen plans to speed up the construction of a metaverse platform and technology expansion currently under development.

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