Lambda 256 is a subsidiary of Dunamu, which operates the nation’s largest virtual asset exchange “Upbeat,” and is leading the Web 3.0 ecosystem by operating the Luniverse blockchain mainnet “The Balance.”

LG U+ is working with Lambda 256 to discover services that can deliver Web 3.0 value to customers. Through this, LG U+ plans to establish a regular collaboration system with service partners and provide programs that help service partners focus only on development.

LG U+ is trying to secure technology to provide practical value to customers through Web 3.0 technologies such as Metabus, NFT, and blockchain. It plans to participate in “The Balance” and promote technical cooperation with service partners using NFT, Metabus, Game, Art, Decentralized Finance “DeFi”, Blockchain Data Verification Service “Trace”, and loyalty point API provided by Luniverse.

Meanwhile, LG U+ is preparing a web 3.0 service that links its own content and specialized platforms by utilizing intellectual property rights (IPs) such as “Mooner NFT.” At the same time, it is actively investing in technology and hiring developers.

“In the Web 3.0 era, blockchain technology is a key technology that can provide various services, and LG Uplus has joined hands with Lambda256, a blockchain leading tech company, to expand its blockchain ecosystem and discover new business opportunities,” said Choi Chang-guk, head of LG U+’s next-generation technology Lab.

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