JP Morgan, a large global investment bank, has invested in Ownera, a virtual asset software company.

On the 17th, Onera announced a $20 million Series A funding round involving JP Morgan and LRC Group.

In addition to these companies, the funding round included △ Draper Gorenholm △ Tokentus Investment AG △ Acomply Blockchain △ Polymorphic Capital △ The Lopart Group △ Arches.

While Scott Lucas, CEO of Markets’ DLT division of JP Morgan, joins Onera’s board of directors, LRC Group Chairman Nadab Johar will be appointed as chairman of the board of directors.

” Dozens of virtual asset platforms are being distributed throughout the market by financial companies,” said Amy Ben David Onera, CEO of Oneera. “We will use an open-source network to seamlessly connect them to a single global distribution and liquidity network.”

Oneera plays a role in efficiently connecting isolated tokenization platforms and trading interfaces by creating a global integrated interaction pipeline for digital securities.

To this end, Onera designed FinP2P (FinP2P), a distributed protocol that interconnects all platforms with 70 financial institutions and fintech groups.

Assets issued through the PinP2P network include all information necessary to make investment decisions, including investment documents, price information, and regulatory certificates.

Onera provides customers with an integrated digital securities wallet connected to a single API. This allows customers to invest, trade, borrow, and borrow from linked tokenized asset sets.

“Interconnectivity is an important part of maintaining a flexible market for tokenized assets,” CEO Lucas said. “Onera has a solution that can connect multiple platforms to build a flexible market.”

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